Top 6 Cities To Visit In India

By | July 21, 2017
Top 6 Cities To Visit In India : Hey guys welcome back to the amazing article of Tech 360z in this article you read top 6 cities to visit in India. As you know India is the seventh largest country in the world and it has many monuments, heritages, temples and some work of art etc. So today in this article I will give you 6 cities which you have to visit in India. To visit all of these in India I will suggest the name :



1. Varanasi

Varanasi is the one of the most beautiful historical and spiritual city in Northern India. It is also known as Banaras. It is situated in UP (Uttar Pradesh). It is a scared place for both Hindus and Jains. Where you get number of  sadhus, pilgrims and their families. There are a number of foreigners who visits Banaras every year  for a time. You get so much monkeys on Varanasi. So this is a holy City for Hindus and Jains.

Top 6 Cities To Visit In India.

2. Bangalore

Bangalore was established as India’s most livable city. In the past, it is used to reffered as Pensioners Paradise and the Garden City. It was knowned as the garden city because  of the large green spaces across the city. Now the city is full developed and have less green spaces due to the making of building in the city. You can also visit this place in India.

Top 6 Cities To Visit In India.

3. Delhi

As you all know New Delhi is the capital of India and there are so many monuments, heritage and some antique buildings made by The Emperor’s are situated in Delhi. So it is a best place to visit in India. You can visit some popular places in Delhi like Chandni Chowk, Red Fort, India Gate etc. Because it is the capital of India there are many constitutional buildings and offices in Delhi like Rashtrapati Bhawan etc. So you can visit Delhi.

Top 6 Cities To Visit In India.

4. Agra

Without any doubt Agra is the most visited city in India by the foreigners because there are many monument which are made by the Emperors who ruled in India. Agra is the home of architectural symbols in India. There is a also marble made building in Agra which is known as Taj Mahal Taj Mahal was built by the the emperor of Mughal Shah Jahan in the in the love with his wife Mumtaz. In addition to Taj Mahal Agra has to UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are Agra spot and Fatehpur Sikri.

Top 6 Cities To Visit In India.

5. Kolkata(Calcutta)

Kolkata is situated in West Bengal. It is the capital of West Bengal. There sone Mahals which are made by the Britain Kings are Queens like Victoria. As you know that the first factory of East India Company was set up on the Bengal in the bank of Hoogly river which is near to Kolkata so you can get some heritage made by Britain king or queen.

Top 6 Cities To Visit In India.

6. Mumbai

Located along the sea, Mumbai is the most compolitan metropolis of India known as Bombay. It is also the biggest citiy countrywide, 
one of the most commercial of heart. The nature of city is visible by the presense of Bollywood. There is a Film City named place where many shooting of serials and of films occured. Mumbai is also beautiful city with endless sight.

Top 6 Cities To Visit In India.

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