How To Make Website And Earn From It. Free

By | June 23, 2017
Hey guys if you want to know, How to make website and earn money with it then you are in a right article. I give you the right ways as i made my website like professional.

How To Make Website And Earn By It. Free!!!

How To Make Website



So guys there are two ways for making a website.

1. Blogger (Which I Use) – Blogger is a webite builder platfrom which is totally free. It is a basic website builder platfrom. You don’t get .com, .in etc. you have pay for it otherwise you will get subdomain like etc.

2. WordPress – WordPress is a webite builder platfrom which is free or paid. It is a professional website builder platfrom. If you pay money then you get domain like .com, .in etc. You also have to pay money for hosting otherwise you get subdomain like

How To Make Money By Website

There are four ways to earn money by website.

1. Adsense – It shows advertisement on your website and gave you money for per click on ads in your website. It is a best platfrom to earn money by website. 

2. Affiliate Marketing – It is a best way to earn money by promoting some product of E-Commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal. For this you have to join affiliate program of  e-commerce sites and enter the URL of the product and you will get a affiliate link when you will promote it and anyone buy from it you will get some of its commission.

3. Sponserships – As we get sponserships for our business. Same in this  when you have a quality website you will get sponserships and you have to promote the product in your article and you will get an amount.

4. Paid Reviews – This is a way by which you have to write a review on some product and you will get amount by the company which give you the product but you have to get a dencent traffic daily.

Thanks for visiting this article and I hope that you like this. I promise that I will continue this series of this topic so wait for these and thanks for visiting.

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